Unroll Ghost Label provides HQ productions from the elite team of producers willing to sell their work.








Unroll Ghost Label has been developed to give producers and music lovers a new way to promote and sell their work. It delivers a high-quality material ready to release. With a system that guarantees safe purchased products, the highly anticipated Unroll Ghost Label is a professional service that ensures both parties involved in each transaction are satisfied




There are many benefits for talented producers wanting to sell their music using this method; it can help create excitement and exposure surrounding a forthcoming release, it can help to kick-start a career in the music industry and can even be an effective money making tool for professional producers that want to create revenue from their work without relying on a career in the limelight. On top of this, DJs – aspiring or otherwise – can purchase a track and then release it under their own name, helping to build their kudos. A purchased track can also be used for movies, TV programs-, series and commercials. 









As an artist, once you’ve bought a track you can play it during a set, remix it or even release it as your own name and if you decide to do the latter and it sells well, the entire income from the track will be yours because you will own the rights to it. It’s also worth remembering that every track is only sold once so that every production is unique.

If you like what you hear and want to buy a track, the entire music file including the source files will be your property. Not only that but it will be right free so you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it.


In addition to top-of-the-line custom tracks,Unroll's in-house team is composed of classically trained musicians, highly experienced in melody creation that can provide you with quick turn around on MIDI sequences and services for official remixes, mashups, and mastering.



Whether you are a producer looking to get paid for your productions or an artist looking to build your brand,Unroll is for you.




We guarantee in your release


Frequently asked questions

How can I make a transaction?

At this moment, all transactions will go through credit card and Paypal. The moment you want to pay with credit card this will run via the Paypal site, where you can select your credit card.

What do I get when I buy a track?

You will receive a mastered and unmastered version. You will also receive all the Stems in the whole length of the track in of WAV, which means all the individual sounds of the entire track. Plus midi from all important elements of the track. This is useful because it allows a DJ to make a remix. A company can use a track or an element (such as vocals) for a commercial.

Do I receive a project file?

No. As a rule, we don’t send the project files. This had two reasons. First of all: in general most people use different VST/DAW. The second reason is that producer doesn’t like to share music secret. We will send you all the Stems (WAV) though, of the whole length of the track. Plus midi from all important elements of the track. This way you can import them into your DAW.

What can I do with a purchased track?

An advertising agency may use it in an advert. A DJ can use it in his set, and even release it on a record label under his name as an artist. An event organizer can use it as a theme song, etc.

Are sounds from the tracks royalties free?


Do I receive a contract for ownership rights?

Yes, UnrollGhostLabel provides a document (license agreement) where it releases all rights to the new buyer.

Question not listed?

Is your question not listed? Please Contact us with your question via our contact form.

Artist Support


  • Carl Cox

  • Adam Beyer 

  • Umek

  • Gene Karz

  • D-Unity

  • Mark Knight

  • Rob Mirage  


  • Chus & Ceballos

  • Behrouz

  • Joe T Vannelli

  • Dj Vibe

  • Oscar L

  • Luca Ricci

  • Tedd Patterson