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Is Ghost Production Wrong?

In this post, I want to talk about my personal experience working as a ghost producer and a founder of Unroll Ghost Label. I am in this industry for quite a while now, in 5 years I sold more than 300 of my personal productions. I am really happy when I see my clients succeed with my tracks some of them are now playing on shows regularly and are one step closer to their dreams! As a music producer, I love spending time behind the studio desk and producing tracks from scratch, but djing and fame are not really what I want. So for this reason, I started to sell my work, and I never regret selling any of my tracks.

1. Buyer

Now if someone is buying ghost productions people think this is cheating or it is not moral, but if we take a look from other perspectives we can see that ''ghost production'' is everywhere in every industry behind every corner. Let's say that you want to build yourself a house? But you don't know how to put bricks together or how to mix concrete, use excavators, build furniture and soo on... Normally you hire people to do it for you...because you want a house but your expertise are not in construction or engineering. So what am I trying to tell you is that not every DJ like production and spending most of their lives in the studio producing music, consistently learning about new techniques and evolving personal sound. And not every music producer likes to DJ... so if you want to become a superstar DJ but you don't like music production for any reason maybe it is too boring for you just clicking buttons or sitting there alone...So what to do? In this day and age if you want to really be successful as a DJ you have to have your own releases on record labels it's just a norm and a standard for modern DJ and industry we are living in. Ghost production is a great business for both sides, DJs are getting what they want, without spending time on stuff they don't like and music producers who are selling tracks are also happy by making some money from it.

2. We innovate

Here at Unroll Ghost Label, we want to make this easy for you and provide you with the best tracks we can get our hands-on. As an owner I threaten every customer as a friend, I encourage everyone to add me on social media and keep me updated with their releases, getting better deals... I am here for everybody that wants to elevate their career as a DJ. I will answer every question you will have, give you tips and tricks on how to release a track.

In life you have to take action for everything you want to achieve, nobody will give you success or knowledge. But no matter what you do in life people will always judge you. Even when success will come, the hater will hate.

Reni Markovič

Unroll Ghost Label

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