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Everything starts with you!

Today we are going to talk about the first step we need to take on the path to realizing our career.


It is important to break down, in detail, the final goal we are trying to achieve in the business world. Therefore, the laying of the foundation itself depends on how we set it out because the entire project relies on it.


We must start by choosing an appropriate NAME, which we describe in detail in one sentence - a short and concise explanation of the business. If we want to reach customers in your own country, it is important that the name is written in our native language. If we want to expand our activities to other countries, we can adapt the name in the language that is appropriate for the audience we are trying to reach. It is very important that the name is catchy and that the words themselves are easy to write. This will make it easier for people to remember you and find you online.

ACTIVITY: The definition of the activity is very important, as it allows people to easily understand the core of the services, products, etc... In the activity, it is important to be as authentic as possible, because being different and unique raises the value of our offer. Our strengths need to be well defined for people to know why they should choose our services. Of course, the beginnings are always difficult, but it is important that we persevere in our vision and do not dwell on a low number of responses, which can be expected at the beginning venture. We should persist precisely because

WE BELIEVE in our uniqueness! Activities need to be divided into services and products that we will offer. For each activity, we should describe the characteristics of the nature of work, define the process and contribution of each service.

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: Once we have worked out the first two points, we can start thinking about opening a company, association, or other legal forms of entrepreneurial organizations, in order to legally and formally protect ourselves and thus get a green light into the world of business. At the beginning of a business project, we choose the type of business with which we will have the lowest monthly/annual costs. It is highly recommended to contact a qualified accountant who can give us suggestions and help us choose the best decision, based on our nature of work.

To make it easier to determine our price, we first look at the prices of our competing business entities as well as the prices of low-cost ones. We also set the price according to our personal effort, the equipment we bought for the purpose of the operation, and the knowledge we have been and are still acquiring. Prices can change according to the occasion, for example, regular price, discounts, novelties, etc.

AUTHORSHIP: Products and services that we create with our authenticity should be protected by a legal entity (notary) or an official institution in charge of registering your products and enforcing copyrights and thus preventing counterfeiting of products and services.

OFFER: The offer must contain factors that draw interest but at the same time we should keep brand loyalty in our vision. In case we work in the field, in direct contact with clients or online, it is recommended to always have information about what you have to offer to hand. The offer should represent our services, products, and price. This way, people have a great opportunity to meet us anywhere, anytime.

LAWS: Depending on the nature of your work, we also must look at the business laws which apply to us and protect us from both customers and inspections. Accountants usually inform us about these areas, but it is very important that we are committed to our field and educate ourselves about important matters and novelties.

Some important laws: the law on the use of language in bilingual areas, the law on the implementation of programs, the law on sales (products, prices, taxes), the rules of public disclosure that we must observe, and lastly, how to obtain various permits.

PROMOTING: Self-promotion is very important because the effort we input in it will result in an increasing number of satisfied customers. At the start, we implement promotions that fall within our financial capabilities. We need to remember, that a lot of free promotions can be done by ourselves. This process will also help us establish a very strong bond between ourselves and the business entity. There are quite a few online platforms, which contain your business activities, and with many users who can read or see something interesting about you and contact you daily.

MARKETING: is a psychologically-based activity where it creates a desire for people to offer. Therefore, the promotional material must be interesting to the eye, it must identify as many as possible. people, it must follow trends and be unique and authentic.

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